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MyCom Systems is a dedicated point of sale (POS) consulting company and has implemented number of large POS solutions to well known retailers in the Gulf region. In a market moving more and more towards acquiring the latest information technology solutions to comprehensively solve business problems, we at MyCom highly value our customers, as we strive to respond to their market demands and providing the best solutions for them, both in terms of ease and efficiency.

MyCom is a company with a philosophy build on the cornerstones of quality and innovation. Our products offer the highest level of performance and reliability with our ultimate aim of achieving customer satisfaction.

Here at MyCom we do not just provide a POS solution, we implement it to suit the customer in his environment. With our wide experience in the Gulf, we are in a position to advice and implement a system that works, is practical and most of all successful.

MYCOM Personnel participating in GITEX 2012 an annual consumer computer and electronics trade show which took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We ensure our customers are always satisfied and truly benefiting from a professional implementation. The company was formed in 1997 to provide solutions to the retail market segments. We found that there are lots of solutions not properly addressing all the requirements of this market segment in the Middle East. There were solutions, but not adequate or not properly integrated. There were solutions, just sold, but not properly serviced, since they came in from overseas. Then there were the solutions very highly priced, which most retailers did not have room in their budget.

POS Solution Features ::
Integrated, Windowed Based,
Networked, on RDBMS
Easy of Use
Have Latest Technology
Cost Effective
And most of all practical!
Products & Services ::
Point of Sale Hardware
TillMagic Point of Sale Software
SmartBack Office Inventory System
Smart Financials
Networking & Web Integration

Business Catered ::
Supermarket/Department Stores
Sports/Music Stores
Shop Retailers
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** System Configuration
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Integration of handheld terminals, Barcode printers, etc.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Multi Vendor RDBMS in single installation ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Different OS,Windows NT, NetWare, Unix (HP-9000,SUN)
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Fault Tolerant Software configuration to ensure 100% uptime ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Internet / WWW Integration
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Multi company and multi location installations ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** High Transaction volume POS, with minimum supervision Y2K
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Globalization Compllance
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Central Location purchasing ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Fully Integrated System to reduce error & Increase productivity
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** MIS configurations using WAN ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Automatic Stock control with Data Collectors
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Pure window based environment to give the maximum ease of use
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** automatic restaurant noon o kabab  


Automatic Noon O Kabab  
families ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** fresh & more  
Families Fathima Fresh & More  
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** What all this means to your Business
1. Business Activities
TillMagic supports various business activities such as incoming & outgoing goods, wholesale & other invoices, cash & credit transactions, payment and other business proceedings

2. Record Keeping
The product provides information on transactions, present and history. It also gives accessibility to reports such as sales, purchase, cash, stock etc., as maintenance of up to date records is one of the cornerstones of a sucessful business.

3. Management Information
The softwares provides information regarding item codes & department codes to the management. This helps in taking quick & right decisions, which is very helpful to run your business systematically.

4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
When the cost of gaining a new customer is estimated to be as high as 10 times the cost of retaining a current one, it is vitally important to manage and care for your customers. It is therefore important that you understand your customer by knowing his buying pattern this can be achieved by identifying customer needs with periodic analysis of their buying pattern
and preferences. TillMagic POS software with 'Smart' inventory provides a customer database which helps you identify your best customers and their buying preferences which helps you to enhance your business prospects.

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